What are the basic
requirements in Crypto Market?


Unique executable projects

Fundamentally strong Brick & Mortar projects which need genuine funding & can deliver handsome return in mid-term to long term.


Master Mind team

Team of competent consultants, Developers, Entrepreneurs & Blockchain specialist who can Approve & invest in Right coins & Right project (ICO & actual projects).


Good PMS system

Well researched and great potential
ideas which can multiply the wealth
of investors.


August 927 platform allows people to come and share their new concepts regarding crypto, and Blockchain based business idea. Our panel members will study the concept, and if our panel members likes the concept, then our governance body will fund that project.

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Project Voting

The panel member will vote and earn rewards from voting process. This will be performed to the highest standards of acceptable legal contract law.

Authenticating Project

The members will Study and authenticate the project for august funding. (for which they will be rewarded with tokens)


The entire process is transparent and our platform provides for the integrity of these actions.

Final acceptance and contract

August 927 will negotiate all final contracts with ICO candidates. This will be performed to the highest standards of acceptable legal contract law. After negotiations, the final form of the contract will be documented and signed by all concerned and witnessed and notarized thoroughly. All team members and relevant personnel from the ICO will express acceptance of the contract document.

Project will be only accepted from following industry

Govt. Sector

What is benefit for our token holders

Panel members

A total of 100 Panel Members will be there. Out of them, 35% of the Panel Members will be from Blockchain development space, 35% Panel Members from Cryptocurrency and ICO industry and the remaining 30% will originate from various industries, such as venture capital, legal, share market, marketing experts, production management, banking and non-banking sector & IT development.

August 927 Platform will give 5000 tokens to each panel members for joining our platform as advisors. All panel members will have the right to suggest a concept to the platform. An individual panel member can submit more than one concept. When this happens, the other panel members and stakeholders will vote on both concepts and the highest voted concept will be eligible for funding from August platform.

Our platform will give 5000 tokens reward to the concept promoter.; our panel members and Stakeholders will be rewarded for voting. Only those people will get rewards whose project concept gets the highest vote.

Future Projects

ABG (August Business Group)

August Business Group will have a minimum of 30 different types of professions representatives. They will meet once a week and share views and ideas with group members.

These referral inquiries will help the participating people to reduce their overall marketing activity. Our trainers will train the participating individuals to grow their business utilizing the help of other group members.

We will develop a software for the group, where they can see the business opportunities from around the world, wherever August Group has a presence. Our target is to create 27,000 group members all around the globe. Members of August Business Group will be charged a yearly subscription fee for joining the group, which will be in August token only.